The Origin of the Bros. 4-Ministry Name

In March of 2013, a devastating F5 tornado ripped through Hattiesburg, MS leaving a major trail of destruction, but by the grace of God, there were no fatalities. Hattiesburg is the hometown of our very own Buddy Graves as well as his home Church, Wesley Southern Methodist.

Buddy’s parents have attended Wesley since its founding in 1965. The small church and its loyal members were slated to host the annual Southern Methodist Church conference that July. There was some debate to move the conference but the consensus was to continue as planned to infuse the local economy and bring excitement to the Church.

After this decision was made, the pastor of the Church and Buddy’s father got together for the conference pre-planning and they decided to start the three daylong event with a “singspiration”. They contacted Buddy to discuss and ask if he would assist in securing a group for the event. Buddy shared that he had been talking to a friend about singing again after a six year hiatus from the Southern Gospel music field. That friend happened to be Adam Dungey. FYI, Adam was the drummer/manager for Mercy River Quartet from 2001-2004 and Buddy was a member of this group. Buddy contacted Adam about the opportunity and after prayerful consideration and discussion with their families, they agreed to pursue. 

Adam agreed to reach out to former member of Mercy River Quartet, Brandon Wilson. Brandon is a talented musician as well as an excellent baritone singer. At the same time Buddy reached out to Darryl Smith, a powerful tenor singer, whom he had sung with in 2006 with Strong River Quartet. They both agreed and as they say, “the rest is history.”

They began by agreeing to learn 12-15 songs for this one event; however, as they began to choose songs and rehearse, God’s will took over and a new ministry began. As friends and family learned of their endeavor they wanted them to come and minister at their respective Churches. After careful consideration and prayer, they decided to take the next step and commit to singing/ministering on a monthly basis.

 Now to the difficult task of coming up with a “group” name that describes not only who we are, but what our ministry is about. Several suggestions were pondered but all agreed we are Brothers for Christ. In short, these four men are brothers under Christ’s Blood and are convinced they were brought together for the single purpose of sharing the Gospel through song…..thus Bros. 4 (pronounced Brothers 4) was born.